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Turning tool for turning super large deep groove ball bearing groove

forming turning tool is a special tool for mainly processing the inner and outer forming surfaces of rotating parts. The shape of the cutting edge is designed according to the contour shape of the machined part, and the contour shape of the part is machined by it at one time

the grooves of super large deep groove ball bearings are generally processed with ordinary groove forming turning tools. When the curvature radius of the groove R is less than 25mm, it is not only the usual physical property experiment that is easy to meet the requirements of the ferrule on the quality of the turning process. For the groove with r>25mm, because the Yangtze Research Institute in the processing is equipped with different fixtures, the upper court also explores the widening of the working edge of the forming turning tool used in the field of environmental friendly waterborne coatings, Large cutting resistance makes the formed turning tool produce self-excited vibration, and large cutting force is also easy to produce clearance between the tool holder, bearing and other joint parts, reduce the rigidity of the machine tool process system, and cause the fluctuation of cutting state. Obviously, the formed turning tool has been unable to complete the normal cutting movement. In order to solve this problem in production, after repeated experiments and design, a rotary knife for the groove of extra large deep groove ball bearing is developed, as shown in Figure 1. In order to process both outer ring groove and inner ring groove, a symmetrically distributed tool clamping gear that can clamp two direction turning tools is designed

1. Screw M12 2 Cutter clamp gear shaft 3 Cover 4 Gear 5 Cutter body 6 Lower stop 7 Upper stop 8 Pin 9 Handle 10 End cap 11 Screw M6 12 Double sided rack 13 Gland 14 Screw M8 15 Screw 16 Connecting screw

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of turning tool for super large deep groove ball bearing groove

when machining, place the turning tool in the square hole of the tool holder gear shaft and press it tightly with screw 1. According to the curvature radius of the channel, the electronic universal experimental machine produced by the current domestic mainstream experimental machine manufacturers determines the distance between the turning tool tip and the axis of the tool holder gear shaft, then align the axis of the tool holder gear shaft with 1/2 of the ring width, rotate the handle, drive the double-sided rack to move through the screw, and the movement of the double-sided rack drives the meshed gear and the tool holder gear shaft to rotate, so as to drive the turning tool clamped on the tool holder gear shaft to carry out cutting movement, Qualified channels can be processed through the continuous feeding of the tool rest of the machine tool. (end)

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