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The round "rubber chain cloud" won the first place in the leading group of the Northern Division of China Industrial interconnection competition (Qingdao)

the round "rubber chain cloud" won the first place in the leading group of the Northern Division of China Industrial interconnection competition (Qingdao)

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on October 30, the award ceremony of the Northern Division of the second China Industrial interconnection competition (Qingdao) was held in Jimo District, Qingdao, The "oak chain cloud industrial interconnection platform project" of Sailun group won the first place in the northern leading group (Qingdao)

the "rubber chain cloud" platform officially released by Sailun group on June 11 this year is the world's first rubber industry interconnection platform put into use. The platform provides platform services and overall solutions for the rubber industry chain, aiming to quickly get through the key production factors of the rubber industry, establish a rich mechanism model and supply and demand data lake of the industry chain, realize the comprehensive interconnection of internal operations and upstream and downstream enterprises, and the overall optimal allocation of resources in the industry chain

size: width (15 ± 0.1) mm, deployment length (100 ± 1) mm

at present, the "rubber chain cloud" platform has deposited 29 mature software products, including 7 sets of intelligent manufacturing, 8 sets of digital marketing, 5 sets of intelligent supply chain, 6 sets of intelligent research and development, and formed a complete security system. The integrated third-party products include sap, Microsoft CRM and other mainstream enterprise management information systems, Tyvek 40L will first be officially sold in China as more than 50 sets of mature industry solutions, covering the upstream and downstream enterprises of the entire industrial chain

in addition, the platform has achieved in-depth collaboration with more than 3000 suppliers and more than 2000 dealers around the world, and nearly 60000 retail stores have been connected to the platform, realizing the "last mile" link between products and consumers

"rubber chain cloud" can not only support "designing, manufacturing and delivering every tire", but also "managing every business scenario" and "linking the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain", so as to create a user-centered intelligent production spring coefficient and service management system, and realize operation optimization and product value-added through data driving

rubber chain cloud will continue to empower vertical industry enterprises, continue to deepen the application in marketing channels, linking users, lean manufacturing, logistics network, brand marketing, intelligent products, innovative services and other aspects, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's rubber tire industry

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