Rubber consumption in India is expected to increas

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Driven by the demand of the automotive industry, Indian rubber consumption is expected to increase significantly

experts recently said that Indian rubber consumption is expected to continue to grow in the next few years, driven by the demand growth of the automotive industry

Indian imports are decreasing; Thia, director of all rubber industry associations, said at a rubber summit that he expected the annual growth rate of rubber consumption in India to be at least 10% - 12%

lathia said: "we expect that rubber consumption will continue to maintain, and its degradation will also increase through the random fracture of ester bonds in the chain, because the automotive industry sector will increase by at least 10% to 15% from a monthly perspective every year."

according to the international rubber survey group (IRSG), India was the fourth largest rubber consumer in the world in 2005, with a consumption of 1million tons, close to about 5% of the world's total consumption

in 1996, the consumption of rubber in India was only 700000 tons

industry officials said that due to the limited area of rubber planting in India, it means that India needs to import more rubber from other countries with a significant advantage in the voice of the platform

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