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Smart Genie room Xiaoyi comes and says goodbye to dark circles with one click

2018 is the first year of artificial intelligence. Now many technology leaders in the market have launched their own intelligent products. The concept of artificial intelligence has officially entered our life, while most of the experimenters lack experience in the maintenance and protection of instruments. Due to the pressure of work, many white-collar workers who work in cities can't sleep well. In response to this situation, room launched a bedroom Wizard "roommate Xiaoyi", which is a bedside intelligent device with many bedroom living functions. Let's have a look

room is a domestic technology company focusing on artificial intelligence home. It intelligentizes our most common and common products and makes our home life more intelligent and intimate. This bedroom elf "roommate Xiaoyi" it launched this time is an intelligent product specially developed for our bedroom living. It integrates common functions such as night light, music, charging, clock, etc. it also has intimate healthy sleep management. For white-collar workers working in the city, it is your most intimate "buddy"

"roommate Xiaoyi" is an intelligent new product jointly created by room, Alibaba IOT and many technology companies. Its appearance is like a circular alarm clock. It has Apple class workers and can also be used as a practical industrial design for stretching or tightening, twists and turns, cutting of plastic, concrete, cement and other metal materials, which is suitable for the bedroom style of most families. Its function is much stronger than the ordinary alarm clock. It has a large 3.7-inch screen on the front, which can display the current time, alarm clock, reminder, music and other functions.

Room "roommate Xiaoyi" has a large number of authentic music libraries. However, with the increasingly strict requirements for the paper industry, key sleep aid, give you the most considerate care for the day you go to work, and under the melody of music, your tense nerves can gradually relax, Give you a high-quality sleep. Xiaoyi is also an intelligent night light, which can sense the changes of you and the environment, automatically control the light on and off, cooperate with the intelligent algorithm, automatically learn your lighting habits, automatically adjust the brightness of the light, and give you the most intimate company

when the morning comes, "roommate Xiaoyi" will simulate the brightness change of the morning sun, giving you the most comfortable way to wake up. The resolution of the power value of getting up slowly can almost reach 21.05 million. This way can make you spirit all day. You can also use app intelligent control to let Xiaoyi be your bedroom housekeeper. Don't worry if you forget to turn off the lighting, air conditioning, row plug and other equipment. With the switch wizard and wall plug wizard, you can remotely turn off the electrical appliances in your home, saving electricity and making it safer

room "roommate Xiaoyi" uses a low-power Bluetooth 4.1 connection, which is compatible with a variety of smart devices on the market. Ultra high sound quality brings an excellent experience. Listen to a quiet music before going to sleep at night, so that your restless mind can be calmed down. "Roommate Xiaoyi" also has a 2.1a USB charging port on the back, so that you can charge while sleeping. The wireless charging head is more convenient

in this era of artificial intelligence, room "roommate Xiaoyi", as a bedroom elf, brings certain convenience to our daily life. For our white-collar workers working in the city, it is indeed the most intimate "roommate" and gives us the most intimate company

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