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Thermo Electron has developed a new type of metal detector

as a major analytical instrument manufacturer in the industry, recently, Thermo Electron announced that it has developed a new type of high-performance apextm metal detector, which has a sensitivity of 20% higher than previous generations of instruments

Thermo Electron has been engaged in the supply of advanced instruments and pollutant detectors for food, drugs and beverages for more than 50 years

using the new "multi coil" technology (which has not been patented yet), the magnetism of apex system has been improved by 1.5 times according to the inspection practice over the past few years, so that the detector can amplify the signal sent from smaller metal sheets. Apex system is also equipped with new shielding technology to make it more portable. These two revolutionary technologies in apex system, together with the new digital signal processing software (DSP), combine the characteristics of the above two factors to produce errors, which have a great impact on small loads, and provide customers with metal detectors with sensitivity that was previously difficult to achieve

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source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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