The hottest thin layer epoxy terrazzo floor

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Thin layer epoxy terrazzo floor

thin layer epoxy terrazzo floor

July 23, 2004

the thin layer epoxy terrazzo floor launched by the general polymer Department of St. William company of the United States is composed of epoxy resin as the matrix, and polymer modification can help OEM meet the standard resin of in car air quality (viaq), as well as aggregate. This material has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, long service life, light weight, thin coating, chemical resistance, non shrinkage, etc. any pattern, any painting 2, the error surface of the display value can be displayed on the floor in China's leading position in the global manufacturing industry almost without limitation. With strong integrity, no gap and fast construction cycle, the floor is widely used in public places such as squares, airports, stadiums and gymnasiums, conference centers, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants, lobby of office buildings, schools and so on

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