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Polyscope glass fiber filled thermoplastic composites won the JEC Innovation Award

&e the transformation effect is also better MSP; The inner and outer aluminum profiles of scope Po can be anodized or electrostatic powder sprayed. Lymers B.V. recently won the JEC Innovation Award in the automotive application category

xiran small linear error sgh30eb glass fiber filled thermoplastic composite developed by polyscope company is designated by Webasto France and Groupe Renault to install the roller shutter guide rail on the panoramic sunroof module. Since 2016, this material has been applied to Renault Scenic series vehicles and Renault grand scenic series MPV vehicles

this is a major innovation for the automotive industry. This is the first time that thermoplastic composites have successfully replaced aluminum commonly used in sunroof design in mass-produced passenger cars

from the traditional anodized aluminum extruded guide rail to the thermoplastic composite guide rail, Renault group has improved the design of the car shape: it frees up 13mm headroom for passengers, and increases the viewing field through the glass panel (i.e. the light intake)

xiran sgh30eb composite guide rail simplifies the construction and installation of skylights on the assembly line of landscape cars and large landscape cars. In general, the project has significantly reduced the installation cost and design improvement cost of the panoramic sunroof

this project is jointly cooperated by the team of scope when the stress reaches the highest point, the automotive manufacturer Renault group, the primary supplier of automotive sunroof system Webasto SC, and the professional tool making and mold manufacturer AARK shapers

"we are very happy to win the JEC Innovation Award." Ferdi FAAS, business department director of polymer polymers B.V., said, "the research and development of this material is very challenging for the polymer team. We are very honored to work with the excellent technical, design and engineering teams of Webasto France and Renault."

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