The hottest thin colored cellophane came out

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Thin colored cellophane comes out

Shangyu cellophane factory of Zhejiang Chunhui group has successfully developed thin colored cellophane by using special additives and bonding technology, and using the world-class high temperature direct dyeing process of electric vehicles introduced by the company, and has passed the provincial technical appraisal. Its successful development records that the measured hardness value fills a gap in the domestic cellophane industry, and its manufacturing technology is leading in China

in view of the new requirements of the society for all kinds of packaging, the factory has produced thin colored cellophane on the basis of ordinary cellophane, through the technical transformation of the original production line and the use of national patented special additives. The paper not only ensures the physical properties of the paper at the beginning of the experiment, but also reduces the quantity of paper. The packaging area of tons of paper can be increased by more than 23%. The paper has the advantages of bright color, high transparency, strong heat resistance and no secondary environmental pollution. The economic and social environmental benefits are very obvious

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