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Thermocouple manufacturing expert - shencilia Instrument Co., Ltd.

shencilia instrument incomplete statistical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise in Taiwan, engaged in thermocouple manufacturing for more than 20 years, integrating product development, production, scientific research and sales

the main products brought by this exhibition are: sheathed thermocouple (shcaththermocouple) and platinum. I hope their supply status will be perfect soon and can be used to produce resistance (RTD); Assembled thermocouple, platinum resistance (sheaththermocouple/rtdwithhead); Explosion proof thermocouple, platinum resistance (explodeproofer mocouplc/rtd); Portable surface thermocouple; Portable thermometer (handhcjdthermometer); Thermocouple terminal box (thermocouplehcad); Thermocouple quick connectors; China Zhongwang, which imports all kinds of graduation compensation wires and acts as an agent for foreign instruments, has participated in the optimization design of component structure, material experiment, 2D drawing, section improvement, sample vehicle trial production and so on

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