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Yueyang forest paper and Anhui Publishing materials work together

since 2019, the Party branch of Yueyang forest paper sales company has adhered to the guidance of Party construction, helped improve performance, actively promoted the work of Party construction "going out, sinking, and integrating", and worked hard to promote joint creation, co construction, and sharing with customers, especially state-owned publishing and printing enterprises, deepen cooperation and win-win results, and put Party construction 1 During the maintenance of the host machine, the fixture should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; The jaw should be cleaned frequently to become the core competitiveness of the enterprise. A solid step has been taken on the road of designing hydraulic cushion in the oil cylinder

On March 12, Chen Hao, deputy general manager of Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd., general manager of Yueyang Branch, and Secretary of the Party committee, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xia Yi, chairman of Anhui Publishing and printing materials Co., Ltd., and signed a Party Building Co creation agreement with Tong Dechang, deputy secretary and member of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, respectively, which made a significant contribution to Party Building Co creation and business cooperation

party building condenses positive energy for reform and development

at the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation and co creation of Party building between Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd. and Anhui Publishing and printing materials Co., Ltd., GUI bin, chief financial officer of times publishing media Co., Ltd. and chairman of Anhui times printing Investment Co., Ltd., praised Yueyang forest paper for its achievements in Party building and corporate culture, enterprise management, quality control, product research and development, etc, He spoke highly of the 6S management, lean project, Yueyang forest paper and other activities. He said that Yueyang Linzhi is an excellent state-owned enterprise. First, it is full of talents, new ideas and strong ability; Second, the two brands of "party building and paper products" should be grasped with both hands; Third, it has opened up the last mile of Party building and customer needs, and has done product technology research and development for customer needs

GUI Bin said that Yueyang forestry paper's party building concept of "combining rigidity and integration, and effective use", and the "four major projects" of Party building work, highlight the characteristics of Yueyang forestry paper, and organically integrate party building and production and operation. The word "rigidity" is hard-working, and the word "integration" is powerful. We should take the key points, hot spots and difficulties that will continue to vigorously support the production and operation work as the entry point, breakthrough point and exploration point of the party organization work, truly make practical moves, solve difficult problems and achieve results in solving the production and operation problems, and provide a strong ideological and organizational guarantee for the company's management improvement, reform and development. It is worth learning from and looking forward to long-term cooperation with Yueyang forest paper in Party construction and business exchanges

cooperation promotes the sustainable development of both sides

at the signing ceremony, the two sides also made in-depth exchanges and discussions on the in-depth cooperation in paper business and mutual support in trade work. Chen Hao said that the implementation of 6S and total quality management (TQM) management concepts by Yueyang forest paper is precisely to implement the proposal of the joint action plan for national unified compilation of teaching materials and "print the best teaching materials with the best paper". At the same time, we should always put environmental protection in the first place and adhere to sustainable development. Research and develop highly competitive and environmentally friendly paper products, replace plastic with paper, provide green food packaging, and contribute green paper products. And we are committed to the research and development of children's anti myopia paper, so that our children can grow healthily while learning knowledge and inheriting civilization. Yueyang forest paper will always take inheriting civilization, contributing green paper products, and serving the national strategy as the outline of action. Over the years, Yueyang forest paper has taken "quality, product innovation, and win-win cooperation" as its own responsibility. It has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many excellent customers, and is also looking forward to in-depth cooperation with Anhui Publishing

he said that we will continue to strengthen the party building work, improve product quality and produce the best paper. Through the product cooperation with Anhui Publishing, expand to business cooperation, cultural cooperation, Party building cooperation, share advantageous resources, further stimulate the new vitality of Party building, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

after the meeting, five main leaders of relevant units of Anhui Publishing Group visited the front-line grass-roots party building activity room in Yueyang Branch

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