The demand of the coating industry was low in 2015

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In 2015, the demand of the coating industry was low, but the expansion of production was still

a drama "Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou don't believe in tears" triggered a wave of audience chasing, and became a hot topic of discussion after dinner. Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are not only the places where many second - and third-party informants go at present, but also our economic, political and cultural exchange center. At the same time, they are also the main concentration of the development of China's coating industry. From the Yangtze River Delta to the Pearl River Delta, it has always been regarded as the core area of the development of the domestic coating industry. Even in 2015, when the domestic macro economy did not promote the technology exchange and business negotiation between enterprises, and the downstream market demand was sluggish, the development of East China and Central South region was still relatively optimistic. Many industry insiders believed that there was still a lot of room for the development of the coating market in East China and Central South region in the future, so its investment in East China and Central South region was also increasing. According to incomplete statistics, the following is the list of enterprises newly put into production in the coating industry in 2015

according to incomplete statistics, there were 18 coating projects newly built and put into operation nationwide in 2015, with a total capacity of more than 2.338 million tons, and an investment of at least 6.38 billion yuan. Under the background of sluggish domestic market demand and rising production costs, whether the large-scale expansion of coating enterprises can effectively open up the market and is beneficial to the development of the whole coating industry in the future

judging from the development of the downstream market demand of the entire coating industry, the development of the real estate industry and manufacturing industry is not very ideal. According to the National Bureau of statistics, in 2015, the national real estate development investment was 7880.1 billion yuan, with a year-on-year nominal increase of 2.0%, and the growth rate fell 0.6 percentage points from the month. Among them, the residential investment was 5315 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3%, and the growth rate fell by 0.4 percentage points. Residential investment accounted for 67.4% of real estate development investment. From the above data, at present, the state's investment in the real estate industry is constantly increasing. In the past two months, the state has also continuously introduced some new monetary policies to stimulate the development of the real estate industry and China's real economy. However, from the current market response, the development of the domestic real estate industry is still very tired. Some insiders predict that, In the next year or two, the development of the domestic real estate industry will be difficult to recover effectively. The downturn in real estate has a direct impact on the development of the construction coating industry. It is understood that many construction coating enterprises are facing difficulties of rising costs and declining market space. At this time, coating enterprises should practice their internal skills, constantly strengthen the cultivation of their own strength, cooperate with the national "supply policy reform", improve the quality of products from the source, and achieve quality win. At this time, large-scale expansion of production is easy to cause "puffiness" of enterprises and waste of resources. In today's flat market, expansion is not the top priority of coating enterprises

however, from the perspective of fully embodying the environmental protection value-added industry of biodegradable plastic products, coating enterprises have expanded their production by a large margin. While seizing the market, they can merge and reorganize local small coating enterprises to achieve the goal of resource integration of the coating industry, which has a great impact on improving the industrial concentration of the whole coating industry in the future. However, in the current market environment, coating enterprises want to build factories first, Then, it is not very good to expand its market share by annexing local small paint enterprises

in addition, East China and Central South China have always been the two regions with the largest number of paint production enterprises and the highest paint production in China. After the two development periods of "the Eleventh Five Year Plan" and "the Twelfth Five Year Plan", the demand for paint production in East China and Central South China has basically reached a saturated state, and the development of real estate and manufacturing industry is not very prosperous, We can imagine the consequences of choosing large-scale production and plant construction in East China and Central South China. At present, coating enterprises should shift their development focus to the West and gradually enter the central and western regions, which will be the areas with rapid growth in the demand of the coating industry in the future

large scale enterprises continue to build and expand coating projects, which have both advantages and disadvantages. In the short term, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, while in the long term, there will be more favorable factors. Combined with the monetary policy and export policy issued by the whole country, the development of China's coating industry will have a new outbreak period after the industry reshuffle in the future

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