The demand of refined oil market in Tianjin is the

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The market demand and price of refined oil in Tianjin remain generally stable

the market demand of refined oil in this region is general, the market transaction is peaceful, the price of refined oil in the two major companies remains stable, and social units hold goods to rise. At the current price, Sinopec's stable 90 # gasoline price is 5400 yuan/ton, 93 # gasoline quotation is 5700 yuan/ton, and the actual price is 5450 yuan/ton, -10 # diesel oil. We believe that the optimization of energy structure is expected to give birth to oil and gas, wind power The investment quotation in the photovoltaic and nuclear power fields is 5180 yuan/ton, the actual price is 5130 yuan/ton, the price of 90 # gasoline of CNPC is 5400 yuan/ton, the price of 93 # gasoline is 5500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of -10 # diesel is 5000 yuan/ton. The external batch is suspended, and the gasoline and diesel of social units are basically out of stock. At present, the inventory of 90 # gasoline in Sinopec is general, and the delivery of social units is stopped, only the internal gas stations are guaranteed. Low pour point diesel, such as Electromechanical, provides horsepower control sales, and the actual delivery is not much. The inventory of refined oil depot in Sinopec is very low, 93 # gasoline is delivered normally, and diesel continues to stop delivery. The inventory of gasoline and diesel per unit in society is not high under the same output and melt quality, and the stock is waiting to rise. The performance and use of 14 kinds of engineering plastics Most of the 8 functionalized engineering plastics were delisted

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