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The demand of battery manufacturers surged, and the lithium market increased by 650% in advance by 2027

a new study shows that with the demand growth of enterprises producing batteries for electric vehicles, notebook computers and other high-tech equipment, and the overall demand for lithium is expected to increase by more than three times, the prospect of the lithium market is still prosperous, which is expected to increase by 650% by 2027

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according to Roskill's 15th edition market prospect report, although the underground reserves of lithium in the next nine years are less than 1%, battery manufacturers will need more lithium to support production, which will promote the demand for lithium to increase by nearly 16%, reaching 1million tons

however, the estimated supply is far from the astronomical figures predicted by the company. The Bank of Montreal (BMO) in Canada predicts that by 2025 there will be 150000 tons of lithium comes from mines. BMO's data include the recent plans of market leading enterprises to expand their scale, including Chile sqm, China Tianqi lithium, American Yabao company, FMC, and nemaska lithium, which plans to build spodumene mines in Northwest Quebec, Canada

roskill estimates that the demand of lithium-ion battery manufacturers will increase from 46% last year to 83% in 2027. Conversely, the use of lithium hydroxide is also expected to be more common, and the proportion of lithium compounds used in rechargeable batteries will increase from 25% to 55% in 2027

analysts predict that the battery grade lithium compound market will remain tight because the installation of new battery grade capacity has proved to be complex and they predict that the demand for these products will increase the most

in terms of lithium price, it is expected to peak in 2018, because more than 5000 people have said that more supply of lithium will enter the market in the next few years, resulting in a short decline in the price in 2019, with a base price of $11000/ton. In addition, battery grade lithium carbonate

2021 laws and regulations to ensure the continued healthy and orderly development of the market have also become extremely important. In the coming years, lithium prices will rise again to the level of 2018, because the continued growth in demand for battery grade lithium compounds will bring greater demand pressure on prices

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